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Beach Strip Neighbourhood Map

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The official name of this neighbourhood is "Hamilton Beach" but most people just refer to it as "The Beach Strip".  It's bordered mostly by water, with Lake Ontario on one side, and Hamilton Harbour on the other.  It's southeastern border lies close to the corner of Beach Blvd and Van Wagner's Beach Road and opposite end lies along The Burlington canal (and thus the border with Burlington).

Note, because of the relatively large scale of this map, the text on the 11"x14" version is particularly small. 

Note: We print 16x20" and 20x24" maps to order. Orders placed on December 21st or 22nd won't be printed until December 23rd. The deadline to order 16x20" or 20x24" prints for December 24th pickup is MIDNIGHT ON DECEMBER 23rd.
We will not be able to print any 16x20" or 20x24" prints between December 24th and January 3rd

These clean and colourful, frame-ready maps are digitally printed on bright, white paper. They are printed and cut to standard sizes, allowing framing and finishing to suit your décor.

All of our digital prints are produced in downtown Hamilton.

Copyright note: All of our maps and other images are our own work. They are available as prints only and may not be used otherwise without our express permission.


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