About Us


First, as we are from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada would like to acknowledge that the land on which we have a home is within the traditional territory of the Haudensaunee, Anishnaabeg and Attawondaron peoples. This territory is covered by the Upper Canada Treaties and directly adjacent to Haldiman Treaty territory.  

We would also like to acknowledge that the history of place names can represent injustice by colonizers against Indigenous peoples. Our maps reflect current-day place names, many of which erased the history of the Indigenous peoples who have and had their own maps and their own names for these places. Other placenames that we use today were appropriated and anglicized (i.e. tkaronto or taronto is known today as Toronto).

Condemnation, not Celebration.

We would also like to recognize that many cities, towns, streets and buildings found throughout various North American maps are named after those responsible for the persecution and genocide of Indigenous peoples, such as Egerton Ryerson and John A. Macdonald. 

There are also places that bear the names of prominent figures who owned Black slaves or who benefited some way from the trade of Black slaves (examples: Richard Beasley, Henry Dundas).

We believe the first step towards addressing these past injustices is to learn about them, understand them and to raise awareness so that our society will stop honouring and celebrating those who deserve relegation and condemnation.

Who are the Jelly Brothers?

We are Matt and Dan Jelly.  We live in Hamilton, Ontario and we make things.  Matt is a graphic designer, screen printer, pillow sewer and all-around craftsperson.  Dan is a photographer, graphic designer, and (retired) web developer.  

So your name is really Jelly?

Yes, really.


Yes, really really.

Do you make or sell jelly?

Nope. We don't even really like to eat it, much less make it.  True story.

About our Products

Where can I buy your products besides this website?

For a list of our upcoming sales and partner stores, click here.

Who thought up this neighbourhood map idea?

In 2011, when Matt was Chair of the Central Neighbourhood Association in Hamilton, he was working on some promotional materials and designed a map of the Central neighbourhood.  He then started designing maps for other neighbourhoods across the lower city according to Hamilton's official neighbourhood boundaries.  As of now we have designed over 1300 maps, including neighbourhoods across the old City of Hamilton as well as the former towns of Ancaster, Dundas, Glanbrook, Flamborough and Stoney Creek.  Chances are, if you live in Hamilton, we have a print of your neighbourhood for sale.  We've expanded our collection beyond Hamilton to include Haldimand County, Burlington, Guelph and select maps from across Ontario and a few select cities across Canada.

Are the maps printed locally?

Yes, everything we print is either done in-house or at a print shop that's an 8 minute walk from our studio.

Who does your screen printing?

We don't do much screen printing these days, but when we do, Matt does all of his own printing by hand.  None of this fancy, efficient new-fangled equipment for us.


I want to carry your products in my store, can I do that?

We are always looking for partnerships with local businesses in areas of Hamilton where we don't already sell our products.  We have partners in downtown Hamilton, on Ottawa Street, on Concession street, and in Dundas and Stoney Creek, but if you have a business in other parts of Hamilton (or have ideas for products outside of Hamilton) we'd love to hear from you.   Use the Contact Us link above to get in touch.

Do you do custom work?

Rarely but sometimes?  We're always working on new maps and prints, and keeping up with our own stuff keeps us busy.  

Can I use your maps on my website or for another project?

We typically turn down these kinds of requests, but feel free to ask, particularly if you're from a neighbourhood association.  Please don't use images of our work from this or any other site without permission. As with so many artists, our artwork takes a lot of time and effort to create and it has taken us years to learn how to create it well. It is unfair to artists to use work without their knowledge/permission, and unfair to others who have paid for that privilege.  If something adds value to your project then it is worth compensating the artists who created it, especially if you yourself are profiting directly or indirectly from that use.   

About Shipping

How are your products shipped?

We ship via Canada Post unless otherwise specified. All of our prints ship flat, not rolled. This might cost a little bit extra, but it ensures that the prints won't have a tendency to warp or curl after mounting/framing.  At this time we only ship to Canada. Shipping to the U.S. has proven costly and unreliable and items tend to take a long while to arrive. 

Where can I find frames to fit your stuff?

Mixed Media in Westdale often carries fantastic Ontario-made solid wood frames that fit our stuff perfectly, particularly the 11x14 size.  

Sealed Art on Gage Avenue is a full-service, family-owned framing place that always does a great job.

McMaster Gallery & Custom Framing in Dundas is also a good bet

Generally: Our prints are in North American standard sizes that you can find almost anywhere on the continent (i.e. the big chain of Scandinavian furniture/meatball stores won't always have what you're looking for, check before you go)