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Carpenter Neighbourhood Map

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The Carpenter Neighbourhood's official boundaries include Rymal Rd West, Garth Street, and Glancaster Rd, but it technically ends just North of Grassyplain Dr/Garth Trails Cr.   Because the neighbourhoods to the South are offically unnamed (as of spring 2014) we have expanded Carpenter to the south to include them.  The "Villages of Glancaster" survey is included on this map.  Other features include Carpenter Park, St. Therese of Lisieux Catholic School, and Kopperfield Park.   

Note: As of Spring 2014 there appears to be ongoing construction of new streets in this neighbourhood.  While we try to keep our maps up to date, we can't always be sure there haven't been new streets added since we designed the newest version.  If you think your street has been excluded, please send an mail to and we will update the map accordingly.

These clean and colourful, frame-ready maps are digitally printed on bright, white paper. They are printed and cut to standard sizes, allowing framing and finishing to suit your décor.

All of our digital prints are produced in downtown Hamilton.

Copyright note: All of our maps and other images are our own work. They are available as prints only and may not be used otherwise without our express permission.


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